Semify's marketing agency software is not only for an internet marketing reseller. Agencies can benefit as well. Our marketing agency software helps you to establish benchmarks, it has 15-20 API integration points, and everything you need from keyword research to results tracking is consolidated into one simple platform. The Semify marketing agency software is a killer time-saver in more ways than one. Watch the video below to learn more.


Hello, and welcome to our marketing agency software video. I'm Chad Hill, and I also have Adam Stetzer here with me.

Good afternoon. We talk about our advertising agency management software for SEO resellers and SEM resellers all the time. But I want to focus today a little bit more on the agency space and start with this question-- why should agencies consider using the Semify SEM agency management software?

There's several reasons. I think the first one starts with being able to establish some benchmarks at the beginning of a project and then being able to track those over time. And so many of the programs are run, whether it's SEO or pay per click, really need to know that you're starting with x number of rankings or x number of visits from organic sources the cost per lead in a pay per click program, and then be able to show improvement over time. So that's the place that I definitely would start.

Right, and that's time consuming. Marketing agencies spend a lot of time pulling that together, manually defending why their service is viable. So if you could have marketing agency software that tuned that up and presented it and shot out reports for you automatically with internet marketing software, that would be a big time saver.

Absolutely. The second one is related to what you just said about the time saver, which is that a marketing agency software service actually is going to be able to aggregate information from multiple platforms. And when you're operating at any sort of scale, the idea of having your team or even you logging into Google Analytics and AdWords and then whatever you're using to track rankings and social media exposure, that takes time. And what we can do is bring it all together in one marketing agency software, so that it's consolidated.

Right, and it might be tempting to think, oh I'll just go get a developer and tell him to write these API calls. But we know from experience that integration is the first part of the event, then its maintenance. We have, what 15 or 20 API integration points now. These APIs all evolve and they deprecate, and they update. So there is a long term commitment to keeping those online, that again, if you outsource to a agency software coop, they'll do that for you.

And then, of course, from that single data repository, the cool thing is, you're able to actually get some better insights and metrics that you might otherwise either be very manual to calculate or just not possible because of the amount of consolidation data. So we're able to look and connect rankings with, for example, how much traffic has come from that ranking. So these are some things that otherwise would be very difficult to do if you didn't have the data in one place.

And the idea there is that you'll get insights by combining this data that will inform you on your strategy and how you need to execute?

Absolutely, and have ways of measuring the program better than maybe just one piece of data, absent the connection to another.


And I think the fourth thing that you get out of marketing agency software is that you're able to create a more defined workflow and be able to track all the work being done at a very granular level on each campaign, as well as solving and tracking any customer support issues. So again, when you're operating with one or two accounts, it's pretty easy to remember what you need to do and who's done what on what account. But when you get above 10 or 20 accounts, you really do need some way to both remember what you've done and also remember what you need to do and then track any customer support issues. So you can do that in that in the market agency software like Semify.

Right, and execution is everything. This is a topic near and dear to my heart. Success is one part inspiration, and 99 parts perspiration. And as you say, when you get to scale, it's very hard to keep track and not lose yourself in all the tasks. So good software that helps your agency should have strong workflow components and make sure things are delivered on time, repetitively, time and time again.

Yeah, and the final thing to add to this is that one of the cool things that we offer at Semify is that because we offer software end services, we can be there to-- if you want to just be tracking something for a client, we have a tracking solution. But when you want to add on or deal with extra projects that you might not have the internal team to staff, we're there to plug-in the services to any type of program that you're looking to run. So that's a nice add on that we've been able to build into our service.

Right, and people looking for this video may only be looking for the software component. And that's totally fine. But I think your point there is why not partner with a firm that might be able to help you out if you start to hit scale issues or decide down the road that you might have higher profits by outsourcing pieces of the service.