Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO is the term used to describe unethical search engine optimization strategies intended to increase a website's search-engine ranking and organic search traffic. Using black hat tactics goes against both Google and Bing's webmaster guidelines for ethical, successful website indexing.

Although black hat SEO tactics are ineffective for long-term SEO campaigns, they still persist as a way for websites to increase their rankings and traffic in the short-term. But if you are trying to build credibility and authority for your business and maintain a good reputation online, you should never resort to black hat tactics. Doing so can get your website banned from search engines altogether -- something you can't afford to risk.

Some common examples of black hat SEO tactics include keyword stuffing, content automation, hidden text and links and doorway pages. Other techniques include article spinning, link manipulation and duplicating content.

Black hat SEO primarily differs from white hat SEO in that it is focused more on manipulating or cheating search engine algorithms to make money, without paying attention to end user value. White hat SEO, in contrast, is built around the creation of content that will be of value to consumers on the web in addition to increasing the website's rankings.