Blog: A blog is a term that describes any online outlet where users can post information regarding the subject or area of interest or expertise of the user's choice.

The contraction for "web log," blogs have become increasingly popular as they allow virtually anyone who has a computer to establish a presence on the Internet. Approximately 6.7 million people blog on blogging platforms like Wordpress, and an additional 12 million people choose to blog on social media outlets.

When used as part of an SEO campaign, blogging can have surprising benefits. Studies have shown that businesses that include an active, regularly-updated blog on their websites can generate more than five times the traffic of websites without blogs. In addition, 59% of companies have reported that blogging brought a "significant" increase in business.

Blogging isn't just great for generating consumer attention for your website -- search engines take notice of companies that blog, as well. Websites that blog boast an amazing 434% more indexed pages -- and 97% more inbound links -- than websites without blogs.

Knowing all this, it's hard to believe that an incredible 92% of Fortune 500 companies still don't have blogs on their websites. By starting up a blog on your business' website now, you can get a significant leg up on your competition.