Today we address the blogosphere. We're getting into how we can provide resources for bloggers with tips and and tactics for bloggers. We'll identify blogger resources and explain how to use these blog resources to get a larger, more quality audience.


Hello, and welcome to our video on blogger resources. I'm Chad Hill. And I have Adam Stetzer with me.

Good afternoon, Chad. We're addressing the blogosphere today and trying to get into how we can provide resources for bloggers with tips and resources for blogs, address those blogger resources that they're always looking for, to try to spice up what they present to the internet-- how they can grab more audience.

I know bloggers are always interested in a few key blog resource topics, among them, how do I get more readers. How do I spice up what I'm doing? How do I get inspiration and ideas.

So I'd like to address those viewers today with some blog resources and tips. What do we suggest? What do we do?

We obviously have a lot of bloggers that we employ. We're out there publishing blog posts on interesting topics and creating engagement and activity through social media and blogs. So what are some helpful tips we can offer?

The first blog resource is, what do I write about. So the way we approach that with our writers is that, we do a lot of keyword research. We look at demand. We look at the news. And we try to come up with topics that we think are relevant.

So a good blogger resource would be, what are some relevant topics that people are looking to read about. Because who wants to write something that no one is going to read? So that's the first place to start.

Right, so identify demand. And keyword research is your best friend, because you can just, with some subtle tweaks, write a great post that will get picked up by the search engines, versus one that will not. And again, we would never advocate putting the search engine audience ahead of the end-user audience.

You want to write about what you know and what will be useful. But with a few tweaks, specifically guided by keyword research, you could really get so much more mileage out of it.

So next blogger resources tip, once you have a topic, you need some supporting information. And we've done a lot of work with our team, to help give them information, things like relevant images to that topic that are ready to go into a blog post. We have a research team that goes out and finds interesting, relevant facts, that help build out, especially, those intro paragraphs and maybe lists that go into the blog post. That's important.

We also create videos that can be a centerpiece of a video or just be a supporting part of a video. So those are some other things that we're doing to make blogs more interesting and easy to write.

And that's a really important blogger resource. Because making the presentation of your page visually appealing is really important. It keeps that bounce rate down. It helps people stay on the site longer. Your time on page will be much longer.

It just needs to look beautiful. The image needs to be very relevant to the title. The title needs to be catchy. The artwork needs to be pretty, so that people are attracted to it. Although, there are a few other tactics there.

And then, the more that you can have integrated other media types, such as the ones Chad mentioned, info graphics, YouTube videos, sometimes music, if that's appropriate. Again, you'll have greater engagement. You'll have more there to offer. And you'll keep that person on your page longer.

And you might even get them to Tweet or Like it, which would be your ultimate goal. There's so much engagement that, they want to leave you a comment. And they want to spread it with friends.

But what do you do Chad? I think people looking for blogger resources, if I can get in their mind of what are they looking for, they're probably frustrated. They've tried many of these things. And just, no one is coming. And it feels like what they're publishing is falling flat. So what do you do then?

So I think the third thing is that, you basically find what people want to write about or what people are interested in. You want to create a really compelling, valuable piece. And then, the last part is, share it and have an audience see it and interact with it. So you get that feedback loop.

So the final part is, there are lots of blog resources, blogger resources, where people can join clubs. So that people can provide feedback and interact and comment on blog post, as Adam said, share them socially and get the syndication you're looking for. So that's another great blogger resource. It's actually going out and finding a club or another group of people to help interact and give you feedback.

Right, and maybe you already know those other bloggers in your space. And you can send them an email or send them a private message and ask them to help out. But if you don't, look for where that community might exist.

Another resource for bloggers is...other high quality bloggers. When you do that, just pay special attention to make sure that's a community of high-quality bloggers. You don't want to fall in, quote, "with the wrong crowd," just because there are a lot of folks out there producing very low quality content. And after you put in your hours to produce something very valuable, you've got a blog post your proud of. Try to find people who are doing the same. And try to associate with them, so you guys can cross-promote.