Blogroll: A blogroll is a list of links to other blogs that a blogger wants to recommend to readers. These features are usually found in the webpage's sidebar. There is no set system for how a blogroll should be set up or how often it should be updated, and as a result, most bloggers depend on personal preferences in deciding these factors. For example, some bloggers will organize links on their blogroll by category, while others will simplify compile a list.

In a perfect world, links would only be added to a blogroll when a blogger found the information compelling or thought the site was high quality. This is because blogrolls create editorial links, a quality search engines like Google identify as a marker of website quality. High quality sites with a number of editorial links are therefore ranked more prominently in search results. However, it is more common for blogrolls to feature blogs run by friends, coworkers, or even the blogger's company, who will benefit from the editorial link. For this reason, it is often considered an unwritten rule that if your blog is added to a blogroll, you should reciprocate by putting the blogger on yours.