Branded keywords: Branded keywords are the keywords in an SEO campaign typically connected with a company name or brand name. Branded keywords and keyword phrases are both high-value and some of the highest-converting keywords for SEO. These keywords tend to be useful toward the later part of the buying cycle.

Web users will generally search for branded keywords after being exposed to the company's other advertising and marketing efforts; thus, the effectiveness of branded keywords is directly tied to a company's brand recognition.

In addition to simply being the company name, branded keywords can also be long-tail keywords -- for example, "Semify reviews" or "Semify careers." These long-tail branded keywords are useful for expanding your keyword diversity and bringing more consumers to your site.

While branded keywords have their purpose in SEO, it's important not to rely on them exclusively. SEO campaigns are intended to generate traffic and expose your site to a web audience that is unfamiliar with your company. Studies have shown that a company's website will rank in the No. 1 spot 99.9% of the time for its branded keywords and keyword phrases, so there's no need to optimize for these keywords -- but they are still a useful part of any SEO campaign.