Breadcrumb Navigation: Breadcrumb navigation, also referred to as a "breadcrumb trail" or "cookie crumb trail," is a navigational method that helps elucidate the relationship between different web pages to both search engines and Internet users. Users are able to retrace their steps while browsing a website.

There are three different types of breadcrumb navigation: path breadcrumbs, location breadcrumbs and attribute breadcrumbs. Path breadcrumbs are a series of links on a web page that display the "path" the user took to reach the current page they're on. Location breadcrumbs are more static, and display the current page's relation to the rest of the website in terms of its hierarchy. Attribute breadcrumbs categorize the user's current web page with text rather than links.

Chances are, most if not all Internet users will recognize breadcrumbs navigation when they see it. Using the ">" symbol, websites can denote the hierarchy of its pages and their categories -- for example, "Home Page > Section Page > Subsection Page."

Breadcrumb navigation can be useful for websites hoping to boost their search-engine rankings, as the keyword-intensive breadcrumb navigation links boost the keyword density of the site's pages along with the number of internal links on the site. In addition to acting as an SEO booster, breadcrumb navigation makes any website instantly more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.