CPC: CPC stands for "cost per click" and is also known as PPC, or "pay per click." This refers to a form of internet advertising used to drive traffic to websites. In this advertising model, the advertiser pays a flat fee each time a user clicks on the advertisement in question. If the page loads to completion and tracking is correct, there is a one to one correlation between clicks and visitors, making CPC an effective way of improving web traffic. In this model, the publisher's revenue is directly impacted by the click-through rate, or CTR, which measures the success of internet advertising techniques.

Given that the publisher is paid based on the number of times an internet user simply clicks on the advertisement, regardless of whether or not the user is converted into a paying customer, many websites will prefer this type of payment model. Whether or not an advertiser will consider it beneficial depends largely on what they hope to accomplish with their advertisement campaign: are they hoping to simply improve web traffic? Do they consider any exposure a user may receive to their website a potential opportunity for later business? Or are they interested solely in engaging with the customer through email marketing, sales, and other forms of client acquisition?