We believe we can help growing businesses achieve their dreams. That's Our Why, and that mission led us to develop the Request Client Help feature on your Agency Dashboard.

Each active campaign on your Campaign Scorecard list has a Request Client Help button. This feature is for special circumstances and is geared toward helping you with client retention. If a client has threatened to cancel, or you are prepping for a big meeting with a client that could mean the difference between renewal and cancellation, clicking the Request Client Help button will allow you to tell us what's happening, and we will swing into action.

This is not meant to take the place of a regular support ticket. As one partner put it, it's the 911 button. Hopefully, you never need it, but it's there, just in case. Text messages are sent to our Director of Account Management and other members of our executive team whenever the button is clicked. These requests are definitely "up in lights" and receive quick attention.

Typically, these requests are for SEO analysis, help with meeting prep, or answering specific client questions that may be more in-depth than normal questions you would get.

We ran this as a beta, and did not charge for this extra analysis. It's been such a success that we have decided to keep it free for the time being, even though other companies charge for this type of consultation.

We ran an analysis on collected data a few months ago and found that 80% of the campaigns for which the button was clicked were still active three months from the date of the requests. That's an impressive save rate!

Your dream is our mission, and we are here to help. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact our Sales team or your Account Manager.