Comment: A comment is a place for internet users to leave feedback or other information in a web form, typically on someone else's website.

Comment spaces are typically found on personal blogs or other content management systems. They are also a feature of many social media platforms. Facebook, for instance, allows users to comment on just about any viewable post if the owner of a profile permits it.

For webmasters and others with profiles on the web, comments are a way for users (sometimes customers) to interact with a person or persons, brand, or other entity. Comments allow website owners to receive useful feedback, and they may even spark discussion on certain issues or topics. In business, comments may be used to generate leads by engaging customers or helping solve any issues. For other enterprises, comments can mean ad revenue and proof of web traffic, which can be valuable.

For those who leave comments, this ability can also give one the chance to promote a brand or service. For example, a representative from an SEO agency could post a comment on a blog post on marketing in order to drive traffic to his or her site.

One issue to keep in mind when allowing a space for comments on a webpage is that comments sometimes need moderation due to vulgarity or, more commonly, spam. Spam comments often contain links to misleading or otherwise fraudulent websites, and the content of the spam comments is often not relevant to the content of the webpage that they are posted on.