Businesses are looking for legitimate ways to earn backlinks and syndicate their content. We hear the phrase "going viral" all the time, and we're seeing that content marking is an effective and acceptable approach. What can we tell our viewers about content marketing if you really want to get down to it but aren't quite sure how? In this video, we list and extrapolate on six content marketing ideas. Enjoy!


Hello, and welcome to our content marketing ideas video. I'm Chad Hill. And I have Adam Stetzer here, as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. We've been talking to our viewers about content marketing for about a year or two. And people are abandoning traditional link building for content marketing in big numbers, especially with the changes that Google's had in the last year.

Matt Cutts just put out another video, I think just yesterday, talking about the dangers of link buying. So people are looking for a legitimate ways to syndicate content, earn backlinks. And we're seeing content marking's the way to go. What can we tell our viewers today about great content marketing ideas to help them get started if they're really scratching their heads to figure out what is this and how do I do it?

I think the first thing you always have to do when drumming up content marketing ideas is look at the assets that you have as a business. There's some businesses that are very visually rich-- restaurants and maybe a home repair business-- where pictures of projects that you've done or menu items are great places to start. And then, in some cases, maybe you have other opportunities.

But there's a list of, I think, six content marketing ideas I wanted to talk about today. The first one would be how to type content. So again, that could be video. It could be just giving someone a bolded list of how to approach a certain problem.

So that's one easy thing that I think most of us can relate to, because every day we take phone calls from potential customers asking us, how does this work or how do I do this? So take note of those things and do a few videos or write content on that.

But I like the first thing you said, Chad. your content marketing idea has to have value. So when you head into content marketing, you need to have something valuable to say or show. So you said look at your core assets. Try to think critically about what do you know that other people don't, so no matter what of these great, creative ideas you use as your mechanism, it has to be something that's going to be valuable. How tos are great place, because every business has information that they can share with others and stuff that other people need to know.

So two other more traditional ones-- we have case studies and also white papers. And a lot of businesses like those and potential prospects like those, because it gives them a sense of the type of engagements that your company takes on and allows them to relate to those and see what kind of results other clients of yours have seen.

So again, those are ones that have been around for a while. And then there's a couple new ones I want to talk about as well.

Yeah. I remember case studies and white papers back when we used to do conferences, before the internet was big. It's a good format. And they're very good marketing, so they work on the internet, just like they did in the old days.

And switching gears a little bit to the new stuff-- and we talked about these in the last couple videos we've done recently. Infographics have actually been around a couple years, but these are great ways of taking information that otherwise would be buried in text and turning it into something visually interesting.

There was a great example that we did it. We're working on a white paper on on-site SEO and how to do it correctly. And our graphic designer took a whole paragraph of text that was interesting, but you had to work yourself through it, and turned it into a very succinct infographic, which I thought did-- bringing a picture's worth of a thousand words. It really did make it very clear what we were trying to communicate.

Yeah. Those are excellent content marketing ideas-- infographics being so visual. And I think you're going to talk about next newsjacking, being around current events, and trying to get into the news cycle. They really spread your content out there, help get it syndicated and hopefully viral.

Exactly. And I think, just to relate the two, if you take newsjacking, which is basically trying to add information to a current story, either an opinion, new information, or interpreting results, one great way that an infographic can relate to that is that a lot of people can write the content, but you can then take that content idea and make an infographic of it that is really truly adding to the news cycle, because now, people can see something in a better way.

Yeah. And again, it all starts with adding something viable to say and to contribute. We're talking about these very creative content marketing ideas, ways to spread the information, get in front of your audience, and help it syndicate.