By: Alanna Smith

The holidays are the most important time of the year for many businesses, and having a strong content marketing game during this time is crucial to capitalizing on the season. Here are just a few ways you can leverage your online content to capture the holiday crowd.

Holiday Tips and Tricks

Though the holidays can be a fun time, they come with a lot of responsibilities that people may need help figuring out. Offer timely advice for people who are likely to search for it. If you're writing for a personal injury law firm, consider writing about Black Friday injuries and what to do if you get hurt. A restaurant could post a blog about the dos and don'ts of cooking turkey. A point of sale provider can offer tips to it's potential customers on how to optimize POS systems for holiday shopping traffic. The possibilities are endless, and the fact that each topic is timely will help your content stay fresh and interesting.

Weather Newsjacking

The holidays usually come hand-in-hand with winter weather, which can work to your advantage. Plenty of people search for winter tips when temperatures drop. Heating and air conditioning companies can increase blog engagement by offering tips for winterizing HVAC systems. Car repair shops can post content about preparing cars for winter driving, or how to know when to stay home. Roofing companies can write about how to prevent leaks and ice dams. Winter weather offers a vast array of timely topics for intrepid content marketing specialists to tap into.

Gift Buying Guides

In order to capture traffic from those online holiday shoppers, your content marketing strategy needs to be geared toward the products you sell in an organic, helpful way. People don't need to be convinced to buy something as much as they need to be convinced that they won't regret buying something. You can capitalize on this by providing your blog and website visitors with buying guides related to your industry. Remember, people buying for the holidays usually aren't buying for themselves, and an uncle shopping for his cyclist niece may need a little help figuring out how to shop for bike equipment. Providing these tips is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your business, and shoppers will remember you when they do decide to buy.

Don't miss out on the holidays this season. Tailor your content to target a holiday-minded audience and you should see impressive results.