Things have changed a lot on the SEO landscape. This video provides instruction on how to do excellent content marketing in 2013. First, your content marketing strategy starts with fine tuning the message and the medium you're going to use in building this content out. Our tip is to be true to yourself in how you present your message, and to watch this video to get more content marketing tips.


Hello. Welcome to our content marketing tips video. I'm Chad Hill. And I have Adam Stetzer here with me.

Hey, good afternoon, Chad. It's exciting to talk about content marketing tips 2013. Things have certainly changed a lot in the SEO landscape. Way back several years ago, people were talking about article marketing, and that sort of evolved into content marketing. But there's some real exciting stuff happening, both in the medium you can use to syndicate content, as well as the kind of message you can pack into really high-quality content marketing. So I'd like to open up this topic a little bit today, address for our viewers content marketing tips 2013.

That's a good one. And content marketing certainly is where people are spending all their time, and seeing a lot of great results. So let's talk about how to get going with your content marketing plan in 2013. Now first, it has to start with really picking the message and the medium you're going to use in building this content out. So let's talk first about some of the different mediums.

There is the typical article or blog post that's written text. There are things like videos that you can shoot, that we're doing right now in this video. And we find this to be a very effective medium for us. There are things like infographics. A content marketing tip - if you're very creative and you know how to visualize information, infographics or other data visualization type of graphics are very useful and insightful. And then there are other mechanisms, other ideas. Things like just other graphics you can create, and even things like newsjacking are all great ways to pick a medium to use for content marketing.

Right, I used to get really creative and record a podcast, if you don't like to see an image of yourself. But I think most people who are just getting started and looking for content marketing tips are probably going to be most comfortable with blogging, because that's essentially just writing. And it has the least pressure on you. You can spend a lot of time. You can make sure the grammar is correct. You can proofread it.

And you can really think through your message. So if you're just getting started, a content marketing tip 2013 is blogging. But I would not rule out graduating to some of these higher power mediums, because as Chad said, they really pack a punch.

And as we'll talk about in a minute, they're not as hard as you think they are. And they're much more accessible with today's technology. And that's really the medium. When you talk about content marketing and give people content marketing tips, what should they be saying? What is the content that they're actually out marketing?

Right. And this is the one where people can get stuck sometimes. They can say, oh, I'm going to write a blog. But then when they put pen to paper, they don't know how to really move forward.

So you have to really figure out what is your message. And that comes-- there's a little bit of preparation there, but not a lot. What you want to do is think about, am I trying to be-- is this a how-to instructional type of video? Am my I expressing my political view? Am I trying to be funny?

And everyone has a different style, and has different things they're good at. But really, you want to look at the keywords, or the topics you're trying to answer questions on, and think about what kind of message are you trying to deliver. And again, some common ones are things like how-to instructional. There are other ones, of course, where you get into humor, the political side of things if that's what you want to talk about.

Yeah, and I like what you're saying, Chad. You're saying, really, you got to be true to yourself. And I guess that our core belief is that every small business has something of value to offer. So every small business really should hear these content marketing tips, because they're probably not pulling knowledge, or wherever else is in their heads, out and sharing it with the world in ways that they could, which could increase their presence on the web, and improve search rankings.

So maybe you're naturally funny, so humor is an excellent way for you to get your message across. Maybe you're not. And if you're not, don't try to be funny. But maybe you have excellent technical knowledge on a certain topic, so you should be doing training videos.

Maybe you're very into politics, and so that's a message that's going to resonate with people. Or maybe you're an artist and you make music or visual arts, and that's really where you should be. So the point is that everyone trying to gain presence on the internet, you're not going to try to reinvent yourself. You're just going to try to figure out what you have that your audience would be interested in, and then stay very true to that. And just figure out how to quickly and efficiently to get it out there so you can start content marketing.