Today we launched custom SEO reseller reports for our partners. We give these to our SEO resellers for free. People ask why we don't charge for them and the answer is obvious. The more we can help our partners retain customers, the more business we have. When you join an SEO reseller program you are really forming a partnership. I am fond of saying that it is really a 3-way partnership. There is the delivery organization (Semify), the sales organization (the SEO reseller) and the customer. For this partnership to work, all parties must feel they are receiving a valuable benefit. Additionally, each group must feel that working together is an equitable union.

For our part here at Semify, this means we want to provide outstanding SEO results for our customers and the leading SEO reseller technology platform. Why both? It is out view that the search engine optimization industry is significantly confused due to how new it is. There is mass confusion on the buyer's side of the table. This is trouble for a supplier because a confused customer is generally not a happy one. Because we understand this, we've made our goal to bring as much transparency to our search engine optimization services as possible. Thus our SEO technology platform. The more we can educate our customer and help them understand just HOW we got those fantastic search engine placements, the more they will appreciate Semify. No secrecy. No mystery. No drama. Just hard work delivered by a talented search engine optimization team supported by industry-leading technology.

And the same goes for our SEO reseller team. They need these same tools to educate their customers and continually demonstrate the value in the products they are selling and delivering. We believe our custom SEO reseller reports are a great support tool in demonstrating that value proposition.