Chad and I were reviewing our traffic from Google analytics, just like we tell our clients to do, and were surprised at how many people find us searching on the term DC SEO firms. We are, obviously, ranked well on DC SEO firms. If we were not, we should be quite worried. As an SEO, it's fairly easy for people to see how you are doing. You just look at their own site and see how their rankings are.

We have a number of Washington, DC clients who prefer to do business with local companies. Judging from the Google analytic reports, there are many others. So if you are searching for DC SEO firms, look no farther.

Why Hire Semify?

1) 15 years experience in IT and marketing.
2) Fortune 100 clients
3) Located in Arlington, VA
4) Ranked page 1 for SEO Technology
5) Positive client references