Once referred to as, the site now known as is a social bookmarking website that helps users across the internet keep track of and share interesting links.

Joshua Schachter founded the site in 2003 after registering a .us domain name. He explained that a friend of his referred to finding a good link on the internet as being like eating cherries, so the word "delicious" stuck out as he tried to find a clever word to use as a URL (a practice known as a domain hack). In 2005, the site was acquired by Yahoo, who then sold it to AVOS Systems in 2011. In May 2014, the site was sold again to Science Inc.

Today it is one of the most popular social bookmarking websites on the internet. Users are able to store and sort bookmarks in any way they choose. Another feature the site offers is the "Stack," which lets groups of users contribute to either public or private link collections. This feature is comparable to the photo sharing displays on Pinterest, an online pinboard.

Users who use the site are able to post their own bookmarks and share them with other users. The site can also be searched using hashtags to discover content, so someone interested in finding links and articles about journalism can search the "journalism" tag. Results can be sorted according to recent posts or all-time popularity. In order to add to the site and explore it more, internet users must create an account and log in.