Delisting: Delisting refers to the practice of temporarily or permanently removing a web page from a directory or search engine index. This can happen for a number of reasons, but a delisting is usually due to the use of Black Hat SEO tactics or otherwise questionable behaviors. This can include keyword stuffing, cloaking, link farming and other duplicitous techniques known as spamdexing. However, site owners can also request that their web page be removed from a directory or index. In fact, a court case in Europe even argued for an individual's "right to be forgotten", or right to have their information delisted.

However, despite our debatable "right to be forgotten," delisting can be extremely damaging to a website and the company or individual it belongs to. For this reason, it is important to adhere to a search engine's requirements as closely as possible and invest in White Hat SEO techniques, such as content building and keyword research. However, search engines are not infallible and can sometimes misinterpret perfectly normal qualities as punishable offenses. Mechanical problems with dynamically generated web pages or frames can also cause delisting. Fortunately, site owners are typically allowed to correct any issues with their web pages and appeal the search engine's decision.