Domain Names: Domain names refer to the name of a website that can be read by a human. If you look up to your navigation bar at the top of the page, you'll see the domain name of this website listed after the "https://" or "https://". Domain names must be unique and are often composed of company names, descriptions of service, and even catchphrases. A unique and interesting domain is an important part of creating an effective web presence, especially for businesses.

Domain names identify one or more IP addresses. These typically include a suffix that represents the web page's location or goal. For example, ".com" is used for commercial businesses, ".gov" is used for government agencies, and ".ca" is for Canadian IP addresses. Technically,domain names are not necessary for every website, as the internet is primarily based on IP addresses. However, a fun, interesting or memorable domain name can often be an easy way for companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors. They also often make companies easier for potential customers and clients to search, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

A website owner can buy domain names from a number of different network-based companies. However, as with any purchase, it is important to research the provider and the intended domain name before making a commitment. Consider the terms you intend to use carefully to ensure that the domain name is comprehensive, relevant, and unique, and come up with a number of possibilities in case your top pick has already been used.