EPC: The acronym "EPC" stands for "earnings per click." This metric is commonly used by contextual advertising publishers to measure and report their potential earnings, a figure which is based on how many times internet users click on their advertisements.

The term "earnings per click" is somewhat misleading, as EPC is actually measured per hundred clicks which direct users to a certain website within a specific time period. This number is therefore calculated more as an average than an exact amount. In order to find their EPC, businesses use the formula:

EPC = Profit ÷ Clicks × 100

Because EPC is measured per hundred clicks, it is known to be less than transparent, meaning it should not be taken as a literal, exact figure. However, EPC metrics are still extremely helpful to advertising publishers who are unsure of what they can expect to earn from a specific project, or companies who wish to prove the worth of a potential campaign to affiliate partners.