We've been working on the Semify adwords API for several months now and Chad said he will put an update in our next newsletter to make sure everyone knows what we're doing. It is pretty exciting. The Semify system previously was tracking pay per click costs from Google via our analytics platform. But starting in December, we put an agency on our platform to manage about 10 of their clients daily pay per click spending and analytics. We are interested in feedback regarding our decision rules. Additionally, since our API moved to production we are eager to run through several thousand transactions with Google to ensure complete stability for future clients.

More recently, we've started an enhanced conversion tracking project that I think is really cool. Specifically, we are launching a new conversion tracking with revenue tracking down to the keyword level. I'm completely psyched by this as I think that all businesses that spend money on pay per click advertising should be following their conversion tracking reports religiously. I've been surprised lately by how many people are not. All the more reason we needed to add this critical function into our platform and preach the virtues of the analytically-driven business process.

But more than simple conversion tracking, our Google API is now setting up the destination URLs automatically on all the Ad Groups in all the appropriate campaigns. This is cool. Now you don't have to log into Google and pour through those tedious screens. The Semify system is doing that on the back-end. We're placing special tracking codes in the destination URL that will serve for conversion tracking - and more. The client in this case is grabbing that variable and holding it for the session. When there is a conversion on their site, they know the specific code we nested in the url string. They feed the value of all sales for each conversion tracking code they receive to us nightly. Poof! We can show them a consolidated conversion tracking dashboard that includes the actual revenue on each keyword. The analytic nerd in me is flipping out. Need this too? Contact us and we'll share.