Entry Page: An entry page refers to a web page a user lands on after clicking a link on another domain. As a result, it also may be called a landing page. They are primarily used by PPC, or pay per click, advertising campaigns and can be highly instrumental to their success. Before you buy a PPC ad, you should make sure that the entry page is closely related to both the keyword search it will be connected to, as well as the web page the user will use to reach the entry page. If these factors are closely related, you are more likely to convert the user into a paying customer, simply because the user is more likely to be interested in the service or product being advertised.

Entry pages can often be improved by adding pertinent information and links to appeal to the user. This maximizes the page's value and further increases the chance of a sale. However, to ensure that a campaign operates efficiently, this additional effort is usually reserved for entry pages that have already proven to be successful and effective.