Feed Reader: a feed reader, otherwise known as a news aggregator, news reader, or RSS reader, is a form of software or a website used to subscribe to feed update notifications. One of the most popular examples is the Windows application Feedreader, which became one of the first desktop feed readers upon its release in 2001. However, in all of its forms, feed readers collect syndicated web content from different sources in one location. This content can include online articles, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs.

Feed readers are designed to simplify the process of surfing the web for interesting content, which can take a significant amount of time to find and peruse. Many users also prefer to use feed readers because they almost create a personal newspaper, in which all the items will appeal to the reader. As a result, aggregation features are frequently built into web portal sites, web browsers, email applications and application software. Many feed readers also allow users to filter available articles and reduce what can often be an overwhelming amount of content. The content feed readers are designed to track and collect is typically published in RSS or XML format.