By Andrew Lindsay

Right now on the English version of Wikipedia, there are over 4,614,000 articles, and more than 33,920,000 total wiki pages. The sheer breadth of the Internet's best online encyclopedia is simply breathtaking, and covers a menagerie of different topics, some of which are a bit more interesting than others.

Here are a few of the coolest things you can read and learn about on Wikipedia:

The List of Cryptids

One of the online encyclopedia's coolest lists has got to be its list of cryptids, which are cryptozoological animals or plants whose existence is often disputed. It includes popular cryptids, such as the Jersey Devil and Mothman, and also lesser known cryptids, like the Gotamna or the Honey Island Swamp Monster.

The List of Notable Sandwiches

Yes, it even has a list of notable sandwiches that you can peruse if you ever get hungry and need some culinary inspiration. It includes such delectable delights as the Primanti, which has coleslaw, french fries, and a tomato stacked on top of a person's choice of meat sandwiched between hearty slices of Italian bread.

The List of Really, Really, Really Stupid Article Ideas That You Really, Really, Really Should Not Create

Although the online encyclopedia hopes to collect as much knowledge and information as it possibly can, there are simply some articles that should never, ever, ever be created. If you ever had an idea for an article, you may be wise to check this list before you decide to write it out. (It should be noted, though, that the page is intended to be humorous, and isn't really a list of things of things they don't want written.)

The List of Common Paradoxes

If you ever wanted to stay up at night, trying to wrap your mind around a riddle wrapped in a mystery that's tucked inside of a question, then you should definitely check out the list of paradoxes.

The List of Unusual Articles

Last but far from least is Wikipedia's list of unusual articles—the perfect item to peruse if you're bored, interested in learning some weird factoids, but can't settle on a topic. This list has it all—everything from Dinny the Dinosaur to alien abduction insurance.

There you have it. If you discover any other neat lists, feel free to share in the comments (if you're not too distracted reading about sandwiches and urban legends, of course).