Adam and I were brainstorming this morning about a potential client's request for a fresh approach to their PPC campaign. In thinking about their request it really seemed like we could leverage two pieces of our infrastructure to improve their PPC campaign: 1) Our Google Adwords API Integration and 2) Our Custom Feed Importing Utility.

You have probably seen automated PPC ads in play from some of the big players like eBay and Amazon. Do you really think that someone is typing in a custom ad for each item of inventory? No, that is definitely automated based on an ad template and their product catalog.

We are interested in bringing this type of functionality to companies that do not have the resources or know-how to do a complex Google Adwords API Integration project. We already consume different types of feeds from clients and Google to build a reporting engine and we can then update our client's Google Adwords accounts with information from that feed. Here is how this might work:

E-commerce (similar to

  • Company A sends us a daily feed of their product catalog. We would consume the feed and build a database of the product catalog attributes. Many feeds include associated keywords for that product.
  • The client would define an ad template using variables from the product catalog. This would look a lot like a mail merge project. Of course, we would need the ability to constrain sizes and handle exceptions but that could all be done programmatically.
  • The Semify platform would then mashup all of the product catalog items with the ad template and the keyword list. We would also built in some budgeting and geo-targeting features to round out the Adwords campaign creation.
  • Once the campaign is active, our PPC management tool would take over and manage ROAS.

This approach could work for e-commerce or any inventory driven business. This would also work with any dynamically moving business (interest rates on mortgages, automotive inventories) or any business that wants to promote daily or monthly specials. Finally, you could extend this into complicated regional pricing or displaying phone numbers in Google Ads (yes, we know it is odd but people do it all the time).

We will pitch this to our potential client but we would appreciate any ideas that people might have about really getting crazy with mashing up data feeds to improve the CTR of Google Adwords ads using the Google Adwords API.