Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a comprehensive analysis tool offered by the Silicon Valley tech giant Google. Google Analytics boasts a powerful suite of tools designed to collect website traffic data, including information on traffic sources, conversions, and sales figures. Google Analytics is the most popular statistics platform on the market.

With online spending on goods and services expected to hit $1.5 trillion in 2014, businesses need to be able to adjust and optimize their online marketing campaigns based on facts. By conglomerating data from multiple sources, Google Analytics serves as a powerful tool for providing those facts.

In particular, Google Analytics tracks data from search engine listings, Facebook pages and other social networks, websites referring traffic to content, and direct visits. Further, pay-per-click campaigns, links built into web documents, like Google Drive files, and email marketing traffic is all tracked and recorded in regular reports for users of the service.

Currently, Google offers two different usage plans for marketers looking to use the service to boost the efficacy of their digital advertising efforts. Those interested in trying Google Analytics can sign up for a basic plan that grants limited access to the platforms features for free. For marketers in need of Google Analytics' full suite of analysis tools, a fee-based service is also available.