I recently did a sweep through the iPhone App Store for applications that would make my iPhone more useful as a business tool. I was really looking for a way to get information from Google Analytics about our website and our clients' websites.

True to Apple's commercials there was in fact "an app for that." I reviewed the 3 or 4 applications and settled on the iPhone Analytics App. To those of you who refuse to pay for apps, please stop reading. For those of you who believe that we have to pay for quality content and services, you'll be pleased to know that I got a stellar value in the $5.99 I paid for the app.

The interface is well organized and I can view all of the sites that are attached to my Google Analytics account. There is a nice today dashboard... although I've been under the impression that Google's data is time delayed especially for accurate goal counts.

If you want to look at date ranges, you can either select from their pre-defined options or create a custom date range. I will note that you cannot compare date ranges like you can online... but honestly that is confusing on a big monitor so it is nice to see that these guys didn't try to cram too much on the screen.

I'd be remiss not to tie this back to SEO or PPC Management, so I will. First, Analytics App allows you to access custom reports associated with your username. In my analytics account I have created custom segments and a custom report that breaks out new leads by SEO or PPC traffic. That way I can quickly see a consistent report that shows goal volume by source for each client account.

It would be great if either Google Analytics or the iPhone Analytics App would let me run that report across all of my accounts. And even cooler if it let me add a target goal so that I could see how we were trending against the goal MTD. Wait! That is a great idea. Off to the feature list for things that we should incorporate into our SEO and PPC dashboard.

One final note, the iPhone Analytics App uses the recently published Google Analytics API. My understanding is that my iPhone is communicating directly with the API, so there is no one caching data that I request.

I'm still waiting for an iPhone version of Adwords for those late night bid changes :)