Today we're going to be talking about Google Project Loon, a very advanced, maybe loony, idea that Google has. And we thought we'd talk about how it's relevant to what we do here at Semify. Google project loon is google balloon powered internet access for underserved rural communities who have a hard time getting connectivity. For us, the takeaway here is that Google is going to continue to invest in stretching their reach in the internet space and are going to keep evolving technology as we know it, and they will see to it that internet marketing is here to stay.


Hello, and welcome to our video today. Today we're going to be talking about Google Project Loon, a loony idea that Google has. And we thought we'd talk about how it's relevant to what we do here at Semify. And Adam, I'm joined by Adam Stetzer. Adam, take it away.

OK, good afternoon Chad. So this news just out this week is Google Project Loon. Here's the headline from Search Engine Watch.

Its google balloon powered internet access. I mean, this sounds like an April fools joke. What is Google thinking, they're actually going to broadcast the internet from balloons? But, this isn't a joke, and they do test wild and crazy ideas. Google's also been known for their cars that drive by themselves. They also have power plants and they have patents on electricity generation. So let's update our viewers Chad about what is this Project Loon or google internet balloon. What's Google up to and was does that mean for the future of the internet, for SEOfor reselling, for white label, all that.

From what I read about it the idea is pretty simple. There are lots and lots of people that are already on the web and serviced by different types of ISPs, mostly, tend to be telecommunications companies and cable companies. But a lot of those people don't reach the rural areas. And from what I gathered from reading about this article, they picked New Zealand because there's a lot of rural people who are under served by broadband. And what Google did is hired some expert guy to figure out, how can we sort of float balloons in the upper atmosphere at 60,000 feet. How can we control these balloons so that as wind currents change, we can keep them over the rural areas that we want to provide internet coverage. And these things are solar powered, it can go 24/7. Really amazing technology.

But I think the idea here is pretty simple, Google knows that they have two issues. One is that there's a lot of people on the web that don't have access to the internet because they're in rural areas. So here's a way to get them there. The other thing is having worked at AOL, having seen this occur, is that they don't ever want to be too overly dependent or reliant on competitors. Their competitors ultimately with people like Verizon, Comcast, and the other cable companies out there, especially Cox. And so if they're linkage to the house is always through those guys, there's always risk. So they need to be investigating ways that they can play in providing ISP services to people without depending on those guys that are the utility providers.

Right, on so many fascinating points. So I mean, first of all, this just sounds like pure science fiction. And it's not, it's really happening. And it just goes to show you that the profits at Google are pretty extraordinary to be able to subsidize this kind of R&D and go after something that most people would think is just crazy. I know back in the day they thought of maybe satellite based internet connectivity. This seemed more approachable because you just don't have all of the costs associated with satellite. But really in a little bit, there are these big wars for gaining access. And we know in the telecom space and the cable providers, they're fighting over being the guy who has the last mile. I mean, this is just fascinating stuff.

I do think we're going to see continued innovation such as google balloon in this space and this revolution that's underway of everything migrating in to the internet just isn't going to stop. And more and more wacky ideas like this are going to come about. So and I guess the takeaway here is the internet continues to grow and we're in it so deeply. We tend to think everyone lives and breathes Google, the internet, SEO, Pay Per Click, social media, just like we do. But the reality is the migration is still happening, right. And the shows, there are still segments that are under served.

So what's your prediction? Google's going to continue to stay on top? SEO, Pay Per Click, social media, just keep growing? I think Google, really, it's been amazing to watch in the last 12 months. But there was another recent article where someone did a study of usage on the iPhone. And that more of the Google Apps are taking a larger and larger share of time on iPhone.

So I think Google is just really has hit a stride and they are dominating everywhere they're playing these days. So these smart investments like this that might look foolish and loony today, we'll be sitting here three years from now saying, gosh, we had no idea that they were taking it from google internet balloon to now. We're all getting free cell phone service through Google, Ad supported if we listen to a phone call up front. I mean, they're just some crazy ideas in places they can take this that really are pretty interesting. And they can get them even more connected.

But I think as you said Adam, very clear, that SEO and online marketing are here to stay. Google is going to find more ways to get into that market. So if you're not thinking about SEO and if you're an operator or agency not selling SEO and Pay Per Click, you need to get there because this stuff is here to stay. Right, yes, so google project loon just tells you that this is going to keep going. I think you're right, the trend is just going to continue. I think that's fascinating stuff. I think particularly, think about Android overtaking iOS. I mean, that's huge. This war they've been in with Apple, seems like they're coming out on top.

So yeah it just seems like if you're anywhere near the media or technology spaces and you've got customers where it would logically be an extension to take the current conversation you have with them into, well, what is your online marketing strategy? What are you doing internet marketing? How do you advertise today and how could those dollars be better spent? What is your organic and social viral strategy?

If you're anywhere close to that and you're not embracing that today, things like google internet balloon just tell you you really just need to get on the bandwagon. And I think that's where a white label reseller program and SEO reseller or PPC reseller program likes the ones we have really offer people a easy way into that to start gaining some traction in a business. And if you don't and Google passes you by, you'll have internet connectivity from a balloon near you soon.