Google Reinclusion: Google reinclusion, also commonly referred to as Google reconsideration, is the method of filing an appeal with Google to have a piece or pieces of web content reincluded in search engine result pages. Google regularly removes content that is incompatible with their cataloging algorithm and/or that which is found to violate the company's content guidelines.

Google controls between 65 and 70% of search engine market share. When content is removed from Google SERPs, it can damage a company's ability to compete in the online world. With eMarketer estimating that web users will spend upwards of $1.5 trillion online in 2014 -- and approximately 93% of all online experiences leading to that spending starting with a search engine -- the importance of addressing any issues and having content reincluded cannot be understated.

To successfully file a reconsideration request, Search Engine Land suggests following a number of steps:

  • Log into your Google Webmaster Tools account. Look for any errors as a result of robots.txt optimization or for other crawl error notifications. Fix these issues.
  • Next, make sure your content doesn't violate any of Google's Webmaster Guidelines. If you find any issues, make sure you address them.
  • Finally, use the "request reconsideration" feature in Webmaster Tools to file your appeal with Google. Be sure to explain the actions you took to correct any problems Google found with the previous version of your content. Be courteous and thorough in your correspondence.

Keep in mind, it can take anywhere from two to six weeks to receive a reply to your reinclusion request. Get the process started as soon as possible to mitigate any problems incurred by the removal of content.