Knowing what Google keywords to target is extremely important before you start either an organic SEO or paid search campaign. We are constantly amazed that people still don't understand that not all Google keywords are created equal. We still get clients calling us saying "someone called me and said they can get me on page 1 in a week." Oh boy! It's amazing that people still fall for that. I guess they just want to believe there is a magic shortcut. I guess they don't want to do the work it takes to improve search engine rankings.

But I'll assume you are aware of just how competitive search engine optimization really is on the Google keywords that count. We've said many times in our blog that the best way to determine your targets is to start with paid search. Certainly, we have all the keyword research tools that can help you understand where the volume is. However, you won't really know what your conversion rates are until you've tried them. That's the great news with paid search. For a very small investment, you can get traffic tomorrow and collect data on what Google keywords are really going to work for your business.

Once you know this, you can then embark on a longer term search engine optimization campaign on the Google keywords that will make money for you.. If you don't have all the skills to do the analysis, testing and pilot yourself, you should consider one of our affordable SEO plans.