SEO Management software is a critical part of a successful seo campaign. A typical seo campaign requires project management, writing, research and measurement. The days where SEO was measured in brute force and cheap labor have been replaced with precision tactics and measurement.

Learn how Semify's SEO management software tool allows our SEO team to work efficiently to accomplish our customers goals.

Hello, and welcome to our SEO management software video. I'm Chad Hill and I have Adam Stetzer here. Adam, how you doing?

I'm good. Good afternoon, Chad. We're diving deep into SEO management software. I think it's an interesting topic.

There's a lot of reporting platforms out there, and there are a lot of workflow tools that are more agnostic and not specific to SEO. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what makes good management software, what people should look for if they're considering a seo tool to aid their productivity.

Great. I think there's two main areas that immediately come to mind. The first one is really around external metrics and establishing a baseline of where your SEO program is today. So what are your search engine rankings? What kind of traffic are you getting from various terms, both branded and non-branded terms?

And then once the program starts, using that baseline to establish what kind of performance-- what kind of improvements-- you're getting over time. And so of course, ultimately we want to drive traffic and leads. But a lot of times those come after our rankings start to improve. And so being able to track all three of those metrics is important.

Yeah, that has a Six Sigma feel to it. I like that.

So you establish some baseline, you know where you are. So I assume you're then going to talk about the things you're doing on a repetitive basis and then periodically bouncing back to those metrics, make sure you didn't make things worse, right?

Exactly, yeah. And so I think to your point there, the other big part of SEO management software is the workflow side of it. This is especially true for our seo reseller program. And so what is workflow? I mean, to people in the IT industry, we know that means that there's some task that gets handed off and that can't get dropped along the way. But more importantly, with SEO software, what we often are looking at is a set of tactics that you decide on.

So you go in, you set your strategy, but out of that strategy comes down to a set of tactics. And with SEO, one of the most important things is that you then do that over a longer period of time. Because you can't just make one change, and have your rankings go through the roof. We all wish that would happen, but oftentimes it's just a repeated effort over time.

And so you want to establish those tactics and then have a program, a workflow tool in your SEO management software that then allows you to run that program month in and month out. And then as you said, periodically-- quarterly or maybe even monthly in some cases, but certainly quarterly or beyond-- looking back at the baseline and where you are against the baseline to see the improvements, tweak the tactics a little bit, plug them back in the workflow, and then go forward and continue to implement. Cool. So the ideal SEO management tool is sort of a merger of a reporting platform to manage those metrics, baselines, the Six Sigma best practice kind of thinking, but then merged with the workflow side that's here's what you have to do, assign it to the right resource, scream at you when it's late, make sure week in and week out these things are getting done. And then if you do that and the strategy's right, you should have good results coming out the other end. Sounds pretty good.

Exactly, yeah. So I think that those two things are what you're really looking for when you're looking at picking an SEO management software tool. Cool, thanks.