Well, 2011 was an awesome year! The Semify SEO Reseller program continued to grow at a steady pace. We're excited by all the new faces at our reseller webinars. And, as always, we're deeply appreciative of our long-term partners as well. Our reseller holiday cards and gifts have been sent and we've finished-up the last Webinar of the year. I thought I'd put up one last blog post to say Happy Holidays everyone. And: Let's do it again next year.

A few random 2011 year-end notes:

Website Grader: We've been hearing loud-and-clear that the SEO resellers want the website grader in their private label SEM dashboard. Chad, Ellen and I put this on our agenda for the early January marketing activities. We're hoping to have a launch of that feature pulled together quickly in 2012, complete with press releases, webinars and training materials for you.

New Phone Company: We've been getting tons of positive feedback about the new Semify phone company integration. This is our third phone company, but we are fairly convinced we've found the right partner. As always, the transition is being completed with no down-time and no loss of any phone numbers. And the advantages are awesome. We have a bunch of new phone tracking features such as custom whisper text, real-time call reporting into the dashboard, numbers in Canada and the UK, call recording disclaimers, and many more. Perhaps most importantly, we continue to pass these valuable features through to our seo reseller community with no mark-up because we know the value this has for customer retention. Based on the early adoption we're seeing, we know this one will be a big hit in 2012. If you are not pushing phone tracking with your customers, you are missing a great opportunity. Learn more by watching the phone tracking webinar we did a few months ago. Or read the awesome Phone Tracking Case Study.

Email Marketing: We continue to see great results from the tried-and-true email marketing. I know this is not a sexy topic, but if you think about it - Groupon is really an email marketing play. If it is sexy enough for Wall Street, it should work for your customers. Bottom line, the resellers we see who are pushing email marketing and email nurture programs through their white label email marketing platform are experiencing better customer retention. Why? Because they are generating more leads for their customers. So if you have not found the time to do appropriate email marketing for your clients in 2011, put this on your MUST DO list for 2012. And as always, we'll help. Call your Account Manager today for training.


Lastly, the entire Semify team would like to extend a heart-felt "Thanks" for your business. I know it's a tad cheesy, but we really feel that together we are stronger as our continued partnership allows you to grow your revenues and Semify to strengthen the product offering. Thanks again for being our partner and here's to a great 2012!!!