We spend significant time in the SEO forums, so we get to see all of the beginner questions that come along. A very frequent one is: "I'm looking for the Google Submit Site or Add Site button, there isn't one?" And the website owner desperately want to have their website submitted to Google as fast as possible.

It's actually a little hard to reply to these folks. First, I hate to kill the enthusiasm someone might have for their website. They have probably worked very hard on it and are eager for the world to find it. I remember. That was me once upon a time. And the thinking is logical enough. "Google doesn't know about me, there must be a website submission process I can use to alert them to my existence."

Here is the skinny folks

There actually are submission forms on Google and Yahoo, at least there used to be, where you can go and tell them about your website. But don't bother. It is not needed. And the faster you learn this the better. What you need is links to your website. There is simply no better way to get your website listed than inbound links from high-authority sites that are relevant.

Notice the two pieces there. These are central themes in SEO that you will hear over and over again as you promote your site.



A single link from a high-power site that is related to yours will have your site in the Google database in a matter of hours. No links, you will likely wait months. Again, read more on SEO on this website and others to get a handle on this.

So what is the best thing you can do?

1) Make sure your home page has at least 3 paragraphs of text written by you that has never been used anywhere else on the Internet.

2) Write your content around a set of keyword phrases that are related to your site's theme. Don't use the words too much, just a natural amount (again, you can read about this on any SEO site under keyword density).

3) Submit your website to Digg.com, Mixx.com, Reddit.com and Del.icio.us. Use different titles and descriptions at each, but make sure to include one of your keyword phrases each time.

So stop looking for that Google Submit Site button that won't help. Follow these steps and check back in a few days and see if your site submission to Google was successful.