Today we're talking about how to do the very best content marketing. It's no coincidence that we are having this discussion just as Google's web spam team has been releasing new Penguin and Panda updates. Penguin 4.0 (dubbed by Search Engine Land) is coming soon! So, in this short video we'll talk about some of the real, practical tips for creating the best content marketing.


Hello and welcome to the Best Content Marketing. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer with me as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. It's a great topic to talk about today, best content marketing, and how to really do the best content marketing. It's very timely as Google has been pushing their updates. We saw a Panda update a few weeks ago to a months ago. We see Penguin 2.0 or what search engine land is calling Penguin 4.0 coming soon.

Matt Cutts put out a tweet on Friday saying that would be in the next few weeks. And he had a pretty detailed video just yesterday talking about how Google was really pushing the envelope to uncover people who are manufacturing links to making unnatural links, which is a great lead into why you want to do the best content marketing possible. As we know, in 2013, link building has pretty much become a dirty word. And we've been pushing our audience and our community of resellers at Semify to really embrace best content marketing and how to really serve the end user with something of value.

So I want to open this discussion today, Chad, with what some of the real practical tips for creating the best content marketing possible are.

Yeah, absolutely. And I think we've, again, covered this in many ways, but let's hit it right on with the way to do the best content marketing. And it always has to start with understanding the demand out there. You want to understand what people are looking for and, especially, in your space and how you can help answer questions that people have. And that's really the place you want to start, is getting a good sense of the key words through using tools like the AdWords keyword tool or other research platforms out there that help you identify the demand and the keywords people are using. Yeah, that's excellent, because you hear content is king and be useful. But how can you be useful if you don't really know what people are looking for? And Keyword Research, an oldie but a goodie, is really your window into that demand, which makes sure you hit the target.

Right. And then, of course, once you identify those keywords and you put together your plan of what content you want to create, you then need to create the best content marketing. And you need to create great content because the bar, as you said, Adam, has gone up, and people, the expectations for the information you're creating, is very high. People want useful information. They want it to look good. They want it to read well.

They want things like we talked, many times, about tuning the content to maximize both the readability and usefulness to the end customer or the prospect. But at the same time, taking advantage of some of the opportunities for a better indexing of information, things like So if you have video on your content, you really want to make sure that's there as well.

Right. And we have covered this many times in Semify videos. How to create the best content marketing. You need to find something that you have to share that's valuable.

That could be humor. That could be a how to. That could be training. That could be politics. It could controversy.

It could be artwork. Maybe you're a musician. So you need to be in your comfort zone doing something you're quite good at and then, sharing it. And I think the reaction you want to get is, wow. I can't believe someone's actually sharing this for free. If you can get that reaction, then you know you've achieved the best content marketing.

And it's somewhat counter intuitive, and we hear this feedback all the time, why would I put all of that information up on my blog? I usually charge people to share that. And that's exactly the point. You really have to give something of value that will make people really enjoy the content you've shared and then, share it. Promote it. Leave that footprint, which Google is going to find and is going to richly reward you, by sending more people.