Do you need blog help? You're not alone. Now that your blog is built and you are posting regularly, you need help with publicizing your blog. Getting your blog noticed on the Internet is not an easy task. It takes work, and knowing a few tricks is also helpful. Here are 7 blog help tips that are well known to work for driving traffic to your blog.

Blog Help Tip 1) Start a newsletter / subscription club on your blog that people can join. You'll be surprised by how many people will opt in for this. It's a great way to stay in touch with your readers and reach out to them long after they've left your site. There are many free tools to help you with this blog feature. When you send a newsletter or other notification, make sure you include a link back to your blog in the email.

Blog Help Tip 2) Submit your RSS feeds to directories. Do a quick search in Google for rss directories. There are tons. This will help your blog greatly because the spiders read rss feeds. They are well structured for robot consumption and therefore are indexed quickly. Make sure you have search engine friendly links in the rss feed. If you don't understand the rss feed process, there are many forums you can turn to for help.

Blog Help Tip 3) Submit to blog directories. You will find many people claiming that these don't work. However, I've built a blog directory and have studied the traffic patterns in detail. Believe me, there is plenty of traffic you can get from blog directories. They are link mini search engines. Why wouldn't you want to be listed in as many as possible? Additionally, they are another source for back-links, which will drive up your page rank. Finally, many of these directories of PR 3, 4, 5 and 6 themselves. This means they are crawled by the search engine spiders at a much greater frequency than your blog. If your url is in the directory, or better yet your rss content is on their site, this will get pulled into the search engines faster and provide you with traffic.

Blog Help Tip 4) Read and comment on other people's blogs. This seems easy, but it's also easy to do poorly. Don't spam peoples blog. Help them by really reading what they have to say and make meaningful comments that really show some thought. Many places allow you to put your hyperlink with your comment. Again, this builds back-links. But this also helps you sharpen your reading, critical thinking and writing skills. With enough participation, you may also make contacts with other bloggers.

Blog Help Tip 5) Submit your blog url directly to the search engines. This one is really straight forward. You need to make sure your url has been registered at Google, Yahoo and MSN at a minimum.

Blog Help Tip 6) Write frequently and write well. I can't stress this enough. You need to create solid content if you want anyone to read what you're posting. Nobody can help a blog that has poorly written or uninteresting topics on it. Proof read. Then proof read again.

Blog Help Tip 7) Write articles on similar topics for submission to online articles directories, such as this one. Don't publish everything you write, just the things that you think are most helpful or attention grabbing. Include a link in your submission so that people can find more of your work.