Case Study: South Lousiana eConsulting Increases Clients’ Web Traffic by 610%!


South Louisiana eConsulting

Why they hired Semify:

Semify’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager Renee sparked a conversation with the CEO of SLAEC on Twitter. Immediately SLAEC was impressed by Semify’s know-how and became interested in a partnership. Phaedra Stockstill, the CEO of SLAEC contacted Terrance, a Semify Account Manager for a demonstration of our software and services. Feeling confident in Terrance, the Semify team, and the internet marketing software, Mrs. Stockstill put her trust in Semify. Another factor in SLAEC’s decision to outsource their SEO to Semify was Semify’s apparent commitment to transparency. Phaedra Stockstill is already seeing results for her clients and is positively surprised by the quality of content that Semify’s writers write for her clients. SLA was blown away by Semify’s content marketing strategy—much unlike some of the other agencies who focus only on SEO and not the end-user experience. Lastly, Semify’s dedication to customer service keeps South Louisiana eConsulting coming back for more.


In just the two months that we have worked with SLAEC and their clients, their clients have achieved percent increases in their non-branded organic traffic by 610%! Due to these impressive numbers, SLAEC has been able to retain more clients and grow their business.


"The knowledge shared and level of customer service provided by Semify gives me the confidence to offer their SEO services to my clients. Reputation is everything in an online business, I trust mine with Semify." Phaedra Stockstill