1-800-PACK-RAT is a portable storage and moving company. They deliver 8, 12 or 16 foot containers to a customer’s home or business that can be used for on-site storage (for renovation or temporary storage), warehouse storage, or moving. This service is more convenient than traditional self-storage and less expensive than traditional full-service movers. The typical moving and storage customer uses the Internet extensively to research options and pricing. Traditionally, targeting prospective movers is difficult because no more than 20% of people move on an annual basis. As a result, directional media like search engine marketing is a great way to find people searching for moving and storage services. Nevertheless, there is a lot of competition online.

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1-800-PACK-RAT hired Semify to develop an online lead generation program. This program includes the following services: Web Site Analytics, National Pay-Per-Click and Display Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Local Map Optimization, Web Site Conversion Optimization and Email Marketing.


Web site Analytics: Using Google Analytics and internal operations data, we worked with the client to build an acquisition model that modeled what percent of Web site visitors requested a quote online and what percent ultimately ordered a product or service. This model was used to determine bids and goals for the pay per click program.

Paid Search & Display Advertising:

Using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter and other display networks, we managed a national lead generation program that converts new visitors into prospective quotes at a very high rate. The program is structured in a way to allow 1-800-PACK-RAT to flexibly allocate their budget during the high and low seasons.

SEO, Local Map Optimization:

Using on-site search optimization, link building, and local map optimization, we were able to position 1-800-PACK-RAT on page 1 for 80% of its best converting terms. Using the average cost per click in the pay per click campaign, the monthly traffic generated from SEO is valued at over $50,000 / month.

Email Marketing:

We targeted and nurtured prospective new customers using our email marketing service. We developed a segmented auto-responder email campaign with moving and storage content and specially timed discounts. We integrated our software with 1-800-PACK-RAT’s back office platform to enable this service.


Our tracking system allows 1-800-PACK-RAT to track the cost per order at a keyword level through multiple touches with a prospect as well as web and call center contacts. Search Engine Optimization brought about a 72% increase in organic traffic from non-branded terms. This included a 1000% increase in traffic from one of their head terms that lead to a significant monthly savings in pay per click traffic on a single term.

We have reduced the cost per quote in the pay per click program by 10%; at the same time, we've doubled the monthly paid search budget. We now are able to bid on a cost per order basis to deploy the budget more efficiently.

The email nurturing program leads to online orders at 2x the rate of other visitors to the Web site. It also provides an automated way for 1-800-PACK-RAT to execute yield management campaigns for post quote closing. With email marketing and display re-targeting, we have exponentially increased the number of impressions for prospects leading to a higher close rate in the call center and online.