If you have ever visited the Semify Rochester office, you will notice there are lots of dudes in here. Don’t get me wrong we women do a good job holding our own. But you can’t help notice the ratio.

One of our beloved sales account managers, Terrance Nichols, thats him below in the fuzzy hat that rivals his new beard, realized the hairy potential of this office to bring awareness to a cause he believes in -- early prostate cancer detection and treatment. Terrance lost his mentor and dear friend last November to the disease and wants to make all the men in his life aware of the importance of early detection. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men -- only behind lung cancer.

Terrance teamed up with the Rochester NY chapter of Us TOO to sponsor “No Shave MOvember” at Semify. The mission of Us TOO is to help men and their families make informed decisions about prostate cancer detection and treatment through support, education and advocacy. And that is a mission the team at Semify is proud to support.

You’ll see that some of our participants have better beard mojo than others. Those who opted not to participate in the no-shave competition, supported the cause by donating time and/or money to the event. Employees raised $531 and Semify matched that donation, for a total of $1062.

75% of our donation will directly benefit Us TOO’s effort to provide support, education and advocacy for survivors of prostate cancer in Rochester and the Finger Lakes Region. The remaining 25% will go to Us TOO International to continue to provide life-saving information about prostate cancer to 300+ chapters worldwide.

We are proud of our hairy team of participants, their supporters and Terrance for taking the helm!

As Terrance says “Balls Need Attention Too.”

If you would like to support the Rochester and Finger Lakes Region Us TOO, you can donate via the following link:
Us TOO Rochester NY