Back when the Google algorithm changed in 2013 with the Penguin update, Semify adopted a methodology of SEO called REAL SEO in a move to build better links and continue to provide the best search engine optimization results for its clients.

And in the REAL SEO acronym, 'E' stands for end user value. End user value can be defined as the value that a client's content has for the Internet users who read it. These users can be potential customers, members of the press, bloggers and pretty much anyone else who appreciates well-written, informational articles.

To boost the end user value of Semify's SEO content for its customers and clients, the Semify team typically employs a three-step process for delivering content:

Writer Instructions In the writer instructions, Semify lets its clients dictate the messages it wants to communicate through its content by filling out a quick questionnaire. The client's specific wishes for its content are always available for Semify's writers to consult, ensuring content that engages its audience and focuses on topics of the client's preference.

Research Facts Incorporating real-world facts and statistics about the client's industry into content helps make an article more interesting and intriguing for readers. Semify's research facts system works on a co-citation basis, taking facts from well-respected sites and building the reputation of the client's website at the same time.

Content Development Semify utilizes a number of different strategies and task types to build its end user value, including traditional onsite and offsite content marketing pieces, buzzgraphics , press releases and much more. No matter what type of content is created, Semify's writing and press team strives to infuse it with the highest quality writing and information.

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