When I look at an Internet advertising company, I'm often amazed that they don't do SEO also. Sure, we are in the SEO services industry, and you see the world with your lenses - always. But we really think that there is a great relationship to be leveraged by the smart Internet marketing adverting company when it comes to the dynamics between paid search and SEO services. These can be used to achieve outstanding returns on investment for your clients.

What in the world are you talking about Adam?

Well, earlier this week I profiled the various postures that potential customers approach us with in the SEO services side of the house. But take a step back with me. The broader view is one where the lines between SEO services and Internet advertising blur a bit. These broader-minded buyers just need to increase sales. They are bottom line focused and maybe don't care where the traffic comes from, they just need it to convert. We find these folks will probably reach for an Internet advertising company first because this is more tangible to them than an SEO services firm. They are used to spending money on advertising. They probably buy yellow pages ads. They have an ad spend line in their marketing budget. This SEO thing is new, confusing and full of fear.

So they call the first Internet advertising company they find online and start talking about how to get rankings... For the advertising company that does not offer SEO, there is a lost opportunity here. They should at least have a solid SEO reseller arrangement set up with a solid firm. But we believe it's best to offer both.

At Semify, we firmly believe that the path to riches lies in a well-conceived and executed strategy that includes both paid advertising and SEO services. Start with paid search (PPC) and run pilot tests on various keyword phrases. Yes, these are expensive, but don't let this deter you. This is market research. In a matter of a few weeks you can test all sorts of terms that will take months or years to rank on even with the best SEO services around. Honestly, any Internet marketing advertising company can do this for you. The trick then is to isolate those keyword phrases that are performing really well and then move them into SEO.