There's a lot of interest in starting and running an internet marketing business. We get questions like "How do I start?" all the time. Well, it starts with your first customer. Before any fancy logo designing and before developing your internet business plan, get a customer! Then, worry about all the details. Also, considering outsourcing to a white label internet marketing agency, like Semify--We've already done a lot of work to develop and package services that fit different types of businesses, and we already have training and marketing materials for you. Outsourcing to an already established internet marketing firm can help turn you into the marketing expert in almost no time, freeing up your time to grow your clientele.


Welcome to our internet marketing business video. I'm Chad Hill. And I have Adam Stetzer here with me today.

Good afternoon, Chad. There's obviously a lot of interest in starting and running an internet marketing business. People have read about the internet marketing business opportunity that exists to make money, to get into an internet business. But it's a daunting topic. It's a big space. So I thought we'd talk a little bit today and try to break down some of the basics people need to know if they're considering internet marketing for business.

And we've talked about how to start an internet marketing business many times. And I think we believe that the best place to start is with your first customer. So we've often said that a lot of people start with logos, and names of companies, and getting office space. But In this business, you really want to find your first customer and, ideally, consider how you're going to get the next 10 or 20 after that. So you want a lead flow. And you want to know how you're going to go get them. So that's where you start.

And a lot of people have that upside down. They get really caught up in all the activities of oh, I'm going to have this internet marketing business. It's going to need a logo. It's going to need stationary. Maybe I need an office. Or, maybe I'll do home business internet marketing.

Those are all the wrong things is what you're saying. And I agree with you, Chad. If you don't have someone willing to pay you to start your internet marketing business, you don't have that first marketing client, you really don't have a business internet marketing. So make sure you've identified a client first.

Yeah, absolutely. And just some really quick ideas. Most people get their first couple customers, their first 10 customers, from friends and family, people that they've already worked with or that they know in their market or in their niche. So start there.

And then the second thing you want to start to figure out is once you've identified that first customer and you're talking to them, you need to figure out what your product offering's going to be. That's where a company like Semify really comes in, because we've done a lot of work to develop and package services that fit different types of businesses and different objectives that they have. So consider a company like Semify to help you jump start all of your product definition and service definition.

Right. And if you're searching for an internet marketing business, you may not even be aware of the whole reseller space. But white labeling other people's products is very popular both online and offline. And becoming an SEO reseller, or a search engine marketing reseller, may be the way to start off when you've just got a few clients and you want to focus on client acquisition, not on a product development.

Right. And I think the final thing is once you've identified that first customer, and ideally the next couple after that, and you've started working and building a relationship there, you've got your products, your services defined, the next thing you need to do is that's when you really need to start studying and understanding how you're going to build the business, and specifically, how you're going to become internet marketing expert, because at the end of the day, your ability to close business, at some point, is going to have to go beyond your relationship with somebody. And so that's when you're really going to have to know your stuff. You need an internet marketing business plan.

And a company like Semify, again, can really help you learn, because we've taken the time to put together training materials that really can take you from internet marketing novice to internet marketing expert.

Right. And if you're watching this video and you actually have that client who's paid you to do online marketing for their business, you probably have already realized just how much you don't know. So great. We're glad you're here. Watch this. But watch every video you can find. Read as much as you can. Try to get a lot of different sources of information. And try things yourself.

The more you can really learn about online marketing, the stronger your internet marketing business will be. As Chad said, you'll close more business. You'll sound more like an expert. And you'll help them achieve the results that will keep them around and keep your revenue stream strong.