Law Firm Internet Marketing Semify has produced outstanding business results for law firms. We understand what it takes to build lawyer Internet marketing campaigns. Our law firm clients report that the leads they get from our campaigns are consistently the lowest cost and best converting leads across all of their marketing channels.

  • We drive traffic to your website and let your credentials convince prospects to call. Some law firm internet marketing services pass along "leads" captured on unnamed web sites. Prospects that complete generic forms are less likely to become clients. We have the data to prove it.
  • Our SEO services have gotten our clients ranked on terms like "social security lawyer," "veterans lawyer," and "aviation lawyer." Whether you need national legal terms or terms for a specific market, we understand how to get you ranked on your targeted terms.
  • Our paid search services complement your organic listings with location specific targeting. Semify is an Adwords Qualified Company and handles paid search campaigns for large and small firms.
  • We design and measure prospect qualification and case evaluation forms so that you can immediately prioritize cases, track your prospect status and conversion rates. If you website isn't generating the calls you need, we can also help redesign your site with a stronger call to action

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