Culture at Semify is something we put at the forefront of our conversations, extending from our own team out to our reseller partners and their teams.

For the majority of 2018, that focus has been inward. It’s been on Semify, on our reseller partners, and ourselves.

We’ve done occasional pet supply drives for local animal shelters, food drives for local food cupboards during the holidays, stuffed backpacks for local students with supplies, and slept in our cars to raise awareness for homelessness in Rochester.

Now, we want to do more.

We believe every small business, and every person, can achieve their dreams.

We want to extend that belief in dreams, growth, and limitless potential out to our community in consistent, lasting, and real ways.

That’s why, starting the fall semester of 2018, Semify now has an internship program for local high school students.

We’re walking distance to East High School -- a school that many Rochester citizens know as one that has struggled with dropout rates, suspension rates, and a flagging graduation rate.

East High has struggled with getting the support that students need, and the opportunities to show them that they can be whatever they want to be.

In October, a group of IT students from East High School came to tour our office and get a bit of background knowledge on what working at a digital marketing firm is all about.

They got to hear about the things they would learn and the opportunities that they would have to grow and foster their own interests.

They got to see our culture in action.

They got to see that while yes, we have a ping pong table, and a ton of comfy couches, we also hold each other accountable.

We work hard and with integrity. Things don’t get brushed under the rug here.

Unfortunately, that's something that happens to students coming out of poverty-stricken neighborhoods and schools.

They get brushed under society’s rug, fall through the cracks, and aren’t given the same support and opportunities as those who come from other neighborhoods.

We're so proud to support these students, their school, and our local community. We're looking forward to showing them that all dreams are achievable.