We read on so many SEO websites that directory submission is the meat and potatos for SEO services. Is this really true? There is a part of me that says that the masses can't be wrong. Perhaps these directory submission SEO services really help. But there is a large part of my brain that says no. No, the focus needs to be on quality content. By definition, any content you create will also be unique. So really, it's quality and unique content.

With our customers to date, we have really not included directory submission in the SEO services campaigns. This is not to say we don't believe in link building. Certainly, link building is a critical component to any SEO campaign. But our thought is that you should be link building with high quality (and unique) content. Why waste the opportunity when you are adding a link to the Internet? By waste I mean, you can add a link with generic or re-used marketing messages or you could take the opportunity to add content that the search engines have never seen before.

So if you are head-strong on the idea that directory submission is what you need when you shop for SEO services, here is a tip. Make sure that the description, title and anchor are very diverse, yet clustered around your core theme. This is more work for sure. But generally the SEO is stronger for things that are more work. Most directories don't give you all that much space to work within. But take the characters that they give you and write your description a little different each time. However, make sure it stays true to your core marketing message. And, as always, keep your keyword targets in the back of your mind. As Chad always reminds me, don't be unnatural - but keep them in mind.

Another directory submission tip: Take a look at what the directory itself is ranked on. If you can't find a directory in the Google search engine, don't bother. The closer the directory is to your theme, the better. It's a link after all. So the link juice will be better for a directory site that is about your niche. While link directories are generally not worth much anyway (due to their horrible inbound / outbound link ratios) a link from a non-related directory will be really worthless.

Again, we've had most of our great success in SEO services without the use of directories at all. But if you insist on including them in your SEO strategy, make sure the descriptions are all keyword rich, totally unique, and that the directories you submit to are related to your business.