If you are shopping for an SEO reseller program then the chances are you have decided you want to participate in the search engine optimization marketplace. There is a strong business case for joining the SEO movement given the growth curve it has enjoyed over the last several years. Many people comment on the number of competitors offering search engine optimization services, but the reality is that there are many very small players and relatively few big players. And when you get down to the really high quality providers, there are even fewer. The bottom line is that this industry is still new and there are always opportunities for the new comers.

That being said, there are many pitfalls you may run into when searching for an SEO reseller program for your business. This issue is amplified by the fact that you are probably new to the industry and may lack the knowledge to spot the bad companies from the good. The Internet has been called the great equalizer because of the low barriers to entry. While this is a fantastic thing for consumers because it ultimately reduces prices on products, it can be rough on business people. In the SEO reseller program world it means that just about anyone can hang out their shingle on a website and claim they run SEO reseller plans. But the quality of the SEO services under the plans needs to be examined.

The first thing you should look at is how well the website you are at ranks itself. To me, a business that offers an SEO reseller program that has bad rankings is like a dentist with rotten teeth. If they claim to be good enough in the search engine optimization business to be a reseller, then they should be able to provide some hard evidence of their capabilities. One thing I love about SEO is just how clear the success criteria are. Unlike in many walks of business where spin reigns supreme, there are only 10 spots on the first page of Google at the end of the day. The best SEO reseller program will get your clients to one of those spot most effectively and ethically.

You then need to dive into the legal language around the SEO reseller program. Are the commission rates fair? Is this a white label SEO or fully disclosed partnership? Either are fine, you just need to know what you are looking for and make sure it matches with your partner organization. Finally, you need to talk to some people at the SEO reseller company. Find out who you will be working with. Is this a huge company where you will be an anonymous reseller or is this a smaller company where you will actually be a part of a team? Again, depending on your style you may like one type of SEO reseller program more than the other. I personally believe that business works better with frequent, honest and open communication lines. It is just the human condition to need communication. Trust and respect develop out of repeated communication. So I recommend SEO reseller plans with companies that will assign a single point of contact for you.

In summary, the SEO space is growing leaps and bounds. While the competition may appear steep due to the low barriers to entry, finding a great partnerships through SEO reseller plans can enable you to participate in this growth industry and grow you bottom line.