Key Phrase: Key phrases are similar to keywords, which are used in internet searches, only they contain more than one word. Key phrases may be surrounded by quotes in order to have Google and other search engines display more accurate results. They are sometimes also referred to as "keyword phrases" or written as "keyphrases."

On the internet, keyword searches on search engines and individual websites are used to help users find relevant content. While keywords are often a single word, key phrases can be made up of a string of keywords.

So what's the purpose of differentiating between keywords and key phrases? Key phrases also serve another purpose in search engine optimization, which may rely on what is called a long tail keyword or long tail key phrase to guide users to a website through the use of related search terms. While long tail keywords and phrases don't have the same search volume as more basic searches, they help users who are looking for very specific information.

A basic search might include something like the keyword "dog." This could be used by someone looking to find basic information on dogs, but someone looking to buy a dog may not have much luck. A more specific search might be the phrase "dog breeds," which helps narrow the search a bit more. From there, the search could evolve into "small dog breeds," "small dog breeds for sale," or, for localization, "small dog breeds for sale in Tulsa." By utilizing key phrases, the search engine user has an easier time finding exactly what he or she is looking for.