Keyword Research Tool: A keyword research tool refers to tools that are used to help users discover potential keywords based on past search volumes, search trends, bid prices and page content from websites. These tools typically create a list of related keywords and display their historical popularity. This information is typically gathered from several search engines to find related terms internet users are utilizing.

Keywords are specific words or phrases internet users may input to find a desired service or information through a search engine. Because the search engine then uses the information it is given to bring web pages with the closest possible content, targeting keywords is often the best way to optimize search results and rankings. As a result, keyword research is a vital part of search engine optimization (SEO) and various internet advertising techniques.

Many websites offer keyword research tools, but with the high number of websites that offer similar content on any number of topics, it is important to utilize a keyword research tool that creates an expansive and reliable list of potential keywords. This is because more websites will compete for popular keywords, decreasing a website's chances of ranking highly in a search result for that particular term. By research other related possible rankings, it is possible that a website will gain more attention from internet users.