Landing Page: a landing page is the webpage on which a site visitor arrives after clicking on a link or advertisement. It is also known as a "lead capture page" or "lander", and is a practical part of an online marketing campaign. As a result, a landing page will typically display directed content related to the original link or advertisement. Businesses will often analyze click-through rates and conversion rates to a landing page to determine the success of a marketing campaign.

There are two different types of landing pages. The first, a reference landing page, is designed to present information pertinent to the user and the link they clicked on. These will often include images, text, other links, and more. In contrast, the second is called a transactional landing page and is designed to convince the user to complete a sale. Transactional landing pages, therefore, include a form to obtain a user's information to help convert the user into a customer. Email addresses are typically collected at this point, which can then be used in an email marketing campaign.