Landing Page Quality Score: Also known as landing page experience, landing page quality score is a measure Google uses to rate the quality of the experience a customer will have when they arrive at a company's landing page. A landing page is the page a customer lands on after they click on a Google AdWords Ad.

A company can improve a web user's experience by creating an easy-to-navigate site with short loading times that provides useful, relevant and original content. A landing page should be transparent and trustworthy, explaining your product or service rather than immediately asking customers to fill out forms with personal information.

Landing pages should also use creative methods to ensure customers spend time on the website, like short loading times or interesting content.

Landing page experience affects a site's Google Quality Score, Ad Rank and advertising costs. Evaluation is carried out by a combination of human and automated systems. Ads with poor landing pages might appear less often or not at all.

Making significant positive changes to a landing page can result in higher ad quality and Ad Rank over time, though you may not see the results immediately.

Landing page quality scores can be found in the keywords tab of a Google AdWords account. A score of Above Average or Average usually means your Quality Score is in good shape, but Below Average means your Quality Score might be lower as a result of a poor landing page.