As we have ventured deeper into the legal space at Semify, we've become law firm Internet marketing experts. What does this mean? Well, it means we have now worked with enough legal teams to understand the business of the law. Additionally, we've now run enough paid search campaigns at Google around legal terms that we are very comfortable with those keywords.

Legal web marketing

Of course, any solid Law Firm Internet Marketing strategy will include SEO as well. We believe that as your paid search campaigns start to produce positive business results, the targets for your long-term SEO campaign make themselves known. And you need to be investing in SEO. Many law firms are late to pick up on this, but they eventually all come around. In fact, we heard today from a legal client of ours who said that our channel was their least expensive new client acquisition path. We expected this, but I think that lawyers are still surprised by just how much people use Google.

So if you are just starting paid search, or launching into an SEO project, you should seriously consider giving Semify a call. We have corporate backgrounds and many Fortune 100 clients under our belts. With our law firm specific experience, we're confident we can help grow your business in a cost effective fashion.