The Internet has reached every industry. If you have any doubts about that, you should watch the latest YouTube video that's going around. It demonstrates just how much information is being added into the Internet daily. It also demonstrates how much people use the Internet to find everything.

Legal affiliate marketing

Law firm internet marketing is a relatively new phenomenon where lawyers go online and use their websites to bring in new clients. In the old days, this approach would have been laughable. Just like advertising for legal services on television. But today, it is a reality. Law firms are improving their revenue growth by using their website as an additional client acquisition channel.

Just because you start law firm internet marketing does not mean that you abandon the old ways of client acquisition. In contract, it's actually best to have multiple channels running at once. They can, and should, complement each other. But if your law firm has no online presence, you are at a serious disadvantage.

And if you think that just because you made a large investment into a website you are set, think again. The question is not "How good does my site look?" The real question is "How many people are finding my website in Google?" If you are not happy with the answer, or don't know, you need to talk to Semify.